Open Source HR unConference

Art Direction, Branding, Strategy, Design

Open Source HR is a collaboration of human resource professionals that work in tech. In the spirit of open source technologies, Open Source HR brings together those interested in sharing HR resources, discussing relevant topics, and creating a network of allies in the HR field.

Open Source HR kicked off this year with an unConference-- two days of grassroots workshops, think-tanks, and resource sharing.

Being a new organization with a small budget, a logo was needed as well as some low cost tools for the group to use to be most effective.


Open Source HR and Open Source HR unConference Logos

With a small budget was short timeline I worked with the client to rapidly ideate through the use of sketches. Once we both landed on a few we felt resonated with the desired look and feel I dove into design.

The client wanted the logo to convey two things — open source - and an inviting nature (the client wanted the event to be fun, as opposed to some of the stuffy HR events we've all sat through.) To achieve this goal we ultimately chose a fun, welcoming layout with two open source fonts. Roboto is sturdy and captures the ideas that come to mind when one thinks of HR, while it's secondary font, Space Mono, adds to the feeling of warmth and playfullness, yet it reminds us of the subject of the group: HR within the technology industry.

OSHR Postcard

Open Source Swag!

To welcome attendees to the unConference each person recieved a swag bag in the form of a branded tote bag that contained everything they could need, including snacks and water, but also on brand keepsakes to place on your wall, such as a poster, or a trendy t-shirt to wear to future tech and HR events.

The posters and postcards were used to promote the event within the community and signage was created to navigate attendees throughout the building.


Sometimes we have to let go...

The rejected logo used the same typeface as the chosen one, but had a more utilitarian feel with it's color palette and lockup. The lines mimic the lines of code.